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Whether you just used the Handbook of Texas for the first time or access its content on a regular basis, its value to the written record of Texas history is immediately recognizable. Accessible worldwide, the Handbook is a free resource for students, scholars, and all who share a passion for the history of the Lone Star State. It is only through the contributions from folks like you that we can close our funding gap for the Handbook. With your support, we can ensure the Handbook of Texas keeps Texas history alive well into the future and make necessary improvements to the site.

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  • Handbook of Texas Women Project
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  • Handbook of Civil War Texas
  • Handbook of Houston
  • Handbook of African American Texas
  • Handbook of Texas Music

The Handbook is the most trusted source on Texas history worldwide

The Handbook had more than 7.7 million page views in 2017

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“The Handbook of Texas has become an essential resource for students, parents, teachers, and everyone interested in the fascinating history of the Lone Star State.”

Brett J. Derbes, Managing Editor, Handbook of Texas

“The Handbook is a truly collective effort. I’m proud to be a part of such a passionate community of history lovers, writers, and readers that stretched back to the publication of the very first Handbook in 1952.”

Matt Abigail, Former Assistant Editor, Handbook of Texas

“The Handbook is a very valuable and accessible resource for people around the world. It is a pleasure to help people discover an ancestor's special place in Texas history or read about the history of a town where their grandparents were born.”

Laurie Jasinski, Research Editor, Handbook of Texas

“The [New Handbook of Texas is] the finest fruit of Texas nationalism. Indispensable. The online version is even better.”

H.W. Brands, Historian

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