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Thank you for your interest in supporting the Handbook of Dallas-Fort Worth, a special project of TSHA’s Handbook of Texas. With your support, TSHA aims to publish one of the most comprehensive histories of the notable people, events, and institutions from the metroplex’s storied past.

As the Texan population continues its shift away from smaller rural towns to larger urban epicenters, a deeper, more complex, and more accurate account of Texas history that highlights the central importance of the state’s urban past becomes increasingly important. Approximately 85% of the Lone Star State’s population lives in an urban area, and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex represents the largest share of these Texans. As a result, the contributions of metroplex citizens to the fields of business, politics, and science will only grow, and a thorough record of the state’s urban transformation is needed to document this historic impact.

Your contribution will help ensure TSHA will meet its goal of publishing 1,000 new and revised entries related to the history of the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Already, foundations across the state have pledged nearly $500,000 towards the completion of this project, and your support will help us reach our total funding goal of $1,000,000.

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Together, we will illuminate the history of the metroplex for future generations. Donate to the Handbook of Dallas-Fort Worth project today.

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