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Your Texas. Your History.

As Texans, whether born here, "got here as soon as I could", or just Texans by heart, it is understood that we take great pride in our state. Part of that pride is our vibrant history that we share with one another and our storied past that extends far beyond our borders.

This history represents Texas, it represents each of us, and the preservation of this history is more important than ever. Chronicling Texas history is the preservation of Texas, as it guides our future and requires investment from us all. It is your Texas, it is your history.

TSHA is the oldest learned society in our state. Organized in Austin on March 2, 1897, the founders of TSHA brought lay and professional historians together to document and celebrate the state’s complex and diverse history. Texans are resilient and we always persevere, but we need your help to continue the work of our founders.

This is your Texas, your history.
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